About Us

LICTC was founded in September of 2017 by Kate Lenzo, in an effort to continue offering the Long Island Theatre Community a central site for audition notices, show announcements, job openings, and the like.

All submissions will post in as timely a manner as possible.

Please note that if your audition is an emergency call, it will get posted ASAP.

When sending an audition notice or show announcement, please include the type of submission as well as your theatre name in the subject line.

All show announcements are welcome – currently running and upcoming shows alike!


Lisa Bertrand, Volunteer Theatre Actors Association
Steve Brustien
Dave Coonan, President, Malverne Community Theatre
Christina Corsaro
Flo Federman
Daniel Higgins, Artistic Director, EastLine Theatre
Kate Lenzo, Founder LICTC, President, Theatre Box
Rick Mosebach, Web Designer/Developer
Matt Quinn
Matt Rosenberg, Director/Operations Manager at EastLine Theatre