Audition Details

Show Breaking Legs
Company Clare Rose Playhouse
Notes Performances April 26 – May 12
Instructions Headshot/resume needed. Sides will be provided.
Rehearsal Dates Rehearsals 2-3 weeknights per week starting mid-February until tech week.
Questions Send Mail
Show Info The action occurs in an Italian restaurant owned by a successful mobster and managed by his beautiful unmarried daughter. When the daughter’s former college professor arrives to ask for financial backing for a play he’s written about a murder, the fun begins. The three main Mafiosi are intrigued with the idea of producing a play. The daughter becomes enamored of the playwright, who is delighted to have the family’s support. His bubble is burst when he discovers, through the “accidental” death by train of a lesser thug, that his backers are gangsters. In this madcap situation, murder and menace are served up with plenty of pasta and laughter.


Call Type Location Date Time
Open Clare Rose Playhouse
155 W Roe Blvd
Jan 22 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Open Clare Rose Playhouse
155 W Roe Blvd
Jan 23 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


Role M/F Age Description
Lou Graziano M 50+ Owner of Angie’s Ristorante, mob boss on the side and loving father to Angie. A good businessman, although perhaps not always “legitimate”.
Angie Graziano F 20-30 Lou’s only daughter who manages the restaurant. Has invited Terrence to the restaurant to discuss finances with Lou, but has other intentions…
Terrence O’Keefe M 30-40 Angie’s former English professor seeking funding for a new play he’s written. Somewhat naïve.
Tino De Filice M 30-50 “Enforcer-type” who sometimes poses as a businessman.
Frankie Salvucci M 30-60 Gambler. Owes Lou a hefty sum and is unable to pay. Rightfully nervous. Smaller role
Mike Francisco M 0+ The role of Mike Francisco has been cast.