Audition Details

CompanyTheatre Three
NotesThe role of Cha-Cha is cast.
Please Note: We are accepting NO performance conflicts.
InstructionsAuditioning strong singer/actor/dancers (ages 17 and older). Prepare 16 bars from the song of your choice; bring sheet music in the proper key; accompanist provided. You may sing from the score. Be prepared to dance. Readings from the script. Bring headshot/resume if available. Callbacks TBD. Performance stipend of $30/performance (for those 18 and older/post high school).
Audition Sides may be downloaded:
Rehearsal DatesEarly April - May 16, 2020
Performance DatesMay 16 - June 21
Show InfoGrease is the word! Since its electric Broadway debut, Grease has remained one of the world’s most popular musicals! Funny, frank, and featuring the hit songs “Greased Lightnin’,” “You’re The One That I Want,” and “Summer Nights,” Grease follows the journey of Danny and Sandy, alongside the Burger Palace Boys and the Pink Ladies, as they navigate high school to the unforgettable rock n’ roll soundtrack that defined generations. Dust off your leather jackets and pull on your bobby socks, Grease will have you dancing in the aisles! Please Note: Contains adult themes and situations.

Auditon Location/Date/Times

OpenTheatre Three
412 Main Street
Port Jefferson
Feb 1610:00 AM
OpenTheatre Three
412 Main Street
Port Jefferson
Feb 187:00 PM


Danny ZukoMLeader of the Burger Palace Boys. good-looking, strong and confident, with an air of easy-going charm. Excellent Dancer.
Range: tenor, D4-B5.
KenickieMThe second in command of the Burger Palace Boys. tough-looking, surly and avoids any show of softness. He has an offbeat sense of humor.
Range: Tenor, C4-F5.
DoodyMThe youngest of the guys. small, boyish and open, with a disarming smile and a hero-worshipping attitude towards the other guys. Guitar skills a plus but not mandatory.
Range: Tenor, D4-A5.
Sonny LatierriMA member of the Burger Palace Boys. funny Italian-American, he is a braggart and wheeler-dealer who thinks he's a real lady-killer.
Range: baritone, G3-A5.
RogerMThe anything-for-a-laugh stocky type of boy. a clown who enjoys winding people up, he is full of mischief and half-baked schemes and ideas.
Range: Tenor, D4-A5.
Eugene FlorczykMClass valedictorian. physically awkward. He?s a typical "apple-polisher"?both pompous and gullible.
Range: Tenor, A3-E5.
Johnny CasinoMAll-American, rock-star "greaser" student at Rydell High, whose real name is Clarence.
Range: Tenor, G4-E5.
Vince FontaineM20-39A typical teen audience disc jockey. slick, egotistical and fast-talking. He is also a veteran Greaser.
Ensemble/Part Flexible.
Sandy DumbrowskiFNew girl in town. sweet, wholesome, naive, cute, and innocent, changes to sassy and sultry.
Range: Soprano, A3-F#5.
Betty RizzoFLeader of the Pink Ladies. tough, sarcastic and outspoken but vulnerable.
Range: Alto A3-C5.
FrenchyFA dreamer. good-natured but not too smart, she is heavily made up, fussy about her appearance, particularly her hair. She can't wait to finish high school so she can be a beautician.
Range: Alto, A3-D5.
MartyFThe "beauty" of the Pink Ladies. pretty and looks older than the other girls, but betrays her real age when she opens her mouth. She tries to act sophisticated.
Range Alto, C4-C5.
JanFFunny, loud, compulsive eater, and awkward member of the Pink Ladies. Loud and pushy with the girls, but shy with boys.
Range: Alto, A3-C5.
Patty SimcoxFTypical cheerleader. attractive, athletic, sure-of-herself, but can be given to bursts of disconcerting enthusiasm. She's a bit of a pain and unpopular with the Pink Ladies, and can twirl a baton.
Range: Alto, D4-A4.
Miss LynchF40-69The uptight English teacher. Must have excellent comedic timing.
Teen AngelMFrenchy's suave and slick guardian angel, who encourages her to stay in school.