Audition Details

Show THE WIZARD OF OZ (RSC version)
Company Theatre Three

Auditions for Children (ages 8 – 17) for Munchkins Only
Tuesday, February 26 @ 7:00 p.m.
May not be taller than 4′ 10″.
A Munchkin song will be taught at the audition. Be prepared to dance. Bring picture/resume if available.

Auditions for Adult Roles & Ensemble Tracks (ages 15 and up)
Wednesday, February 27 @ 7:00 p.m.
Auditioning all types.

Adults who cannot attend the auditions, may contract Jeffrey Sanzel at

Instructions Prepare 16 bars from the song of your choice; bring sheet music in the proper key; accompanist provided.
You may sing from the score. Be prepared to dance. Bring headshot/resume if available.

Performance stipend of $30/performance (for those 18 and older/post high school).

Rehearsal Dates Early April through May 18, 2019
Questions Send Mail


Call Type Location Date Time
Children Theatre Three
412 Main Street
Port Jefferson
Feb 26 7:00 PM
Adults Theatre Three
412 Main Street
Port Jefferson
Feb 27 7:00 PM


Role M/F Age Description
Dorothy Gale F 15-29 A young girl from Kansas who must sing beautifully and dance/move well. She is innocent and naive, but at the same time strong willed and determined. She loves her dog Toto more than anything in the world and feels he is the only friend she has in Kansas. She longs to escape from dreary Kansas to someplace else more exciting and beautiful and perhaps where she will be understood. She is an orphan.
Mezzo/Mix Low G to E. Very strong singer with full sound. Must look young
Scarecrow/Hunk M 20-39 The most loyal of friends to Dorothy. He will do anything he can to protect her and thinks he does not have a brain when in fact he just doesn?t realize how clever he truly is. Must have great physicality and movement ability. Comedic personality.
Strong Baritone to F# (opt. Ab) with excellent musical timing
Tinman/Hickory M 20-39 A man who wears his heart on his sleeve with good comedic timing and wonderful storyteller. His heart was broken when the Wicked Witch placed a spell on him that mutilated his body. He believes he has no heart and therefore cannot love again, although he loves Dorothy immensely and protects her. Tapping and percussion a plus. Great physicality.
Strong Baritone/Tenor to G
Cowardly Lion/Zeke M 20-39 A man who has a big roar but no bite?literally. He is gentle and easily scared but ferociously protective. He mistakes his lack of confidence for lack of courage. Anxious but not lacking that ability to be brave when someone he cares about needs him.
Excellent musical comic timing required. Vocal range: Strong baritone to F
Auntie Em/Glinda F 25-59 Hard working farmer?s wife and partner to Uncle Henry. As Aunt Em she is practical and good. Every day is another day to get through on the farm. Appears tough yet cares deeply about all on the farm. Glinda is the protector of Dorothy, her fairy godmother in some ways. She has a comedic sense to her and exudes pure good.
Mezzo/Soprano (Low G to C) Strong singer with rich low range and a solid mix
Uncle Henry/Ozian Guard M 30-59 Husband to Aunt Em and adoptive father to Dorothy. Salt of the earth good man who has a sweet spot for Dorothy. As the Ozian Guard, he is the most sympathetic to Dorothy as he is the one who arranges the meeting with the Wizard.
Wizard/Professor Marvel M 35-59 Professor Marvel travels with a carnival and is an excellent scam artist/salesman who can make anyone believe anything that comes out of his mouth. As the Wizard he appears to be great and powerful but is actually nothing but smoke and mirrors. He has built a wall around himself and the Emerald City to try and keep things as copacetic as possible so that he doesn?t actually have to rule. He hides away afraid that anyone might actually discover he has no power at all, and he is incredibly selfish- sending a little girl and her friends to their death.
Wicked Witch of the West/Elmira Gulch F 30-59 Elmira Gulch is a lonely, cold-hearted woman who has nothing better to do in her life than make others miserable. Wicked Witch is evil and feels as if she has been scorned. Is a dictator of the Winkie Country and forces others to do her evil bidding. A spoiled child in many ways and has very little substance of any description to support her. There is a comedic styling to her.
Ensemble M/F Ensemble of strong singers who move well. Play various roles (possibilities include Munchkins, Poppies, Winkies, Ozians, Flying Monkeys, etc.).