Northport Plays

Bicycle Built for Two
15-minute play by Delvyn Case

Northport Plays
270 Main Street
Northport, LI

Two female roles needed:
ESRAA, Syrian refugee with long, blonde hair (natural, dyed, or a blonde wig), age 24.ESRAA is dressed in a long winter coat and boots. She wears a black hijab—head scarf. Under the coat she wears a low-cut, slinky, sexy, red short dress and black stockings. ESRAA has a large pocketbook. In the pocketbook are a pair of high heels, rouge, and lipstick. ESRAA has a rusty, old bicycle (men’s bicycle).

HANA, Syrian refugee with long black hair, age 16.  HANA wears a long winter coat, boots, and gloves. She wears a black hijab.

Rehearsal Dates: March 10-April 12, 2018
Audition Instructions: Please submit resume and reel to After I review, I will send sides and ask you to record your side as an MP3 by March 5. I will then schedule meetings with the top 3-4 candidates for each role.
Contact: Larry Rinkel,
Submissions: Submit to the above email.
Performance Dates: April 13-14, plus preview on March 24

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