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ShowMan of La Mancha, Directed in the style of Noel S. Ruiz
CompanyCM Performing Arts Center
NotesHealth & Safety Protocols: For the safety of all performers, staff, and our CM community, all performers and staff must be either fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or present proof of a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test or COVID-19 molecular PCR test on a weekly basis. Unvaccinated performers and staff must wear masks or approved face coverings at all rehearsals and performances. Individuals will be considered fully vaccinated 14 days after their second dose of the Pfizer/BioTech or Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine or 14 days after their single dose of the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine.
InstructionsThe CM PERFORMING ARTS CENTER is holding auditions for their 35th Anniversary Special Event production of MAN OF LA MANCHA on Wednesday, December 8th and Thursday, December 9th at 7:30PM. Please prepare 16-32 bars of a song from or in the style of the show. If you are only auditioning for a non-singing role, you may prepare a monologue in lieu of a song. Callbacks will follow by appointment. There will be no dance audition for this production. Rehearsals will begin immediately. Performance dates are below. Please bring possible rehearsal and/or performance conflicts to the audition. All gender identities and expressions, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and physical and cognitive abilities are encouraged to audition. The CM Performing Arts Center is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in the casting and encourages actors of diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups to audition. We are also accepting video submissions for this production. Video auditions should be sent to with a resume by Thursday, December 9th at 7:30PM. ALL ROLES ARE OPEN! SUBMISSIONS: Video auditions should be sent to with a resume by Thursday, December 9th at 7:30PM. ALL ROLES ARE OPEN!
Performance DatesFeb 12 at 8pm, Feb 13 at 2pm
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Show InfoMan of La Mancha is one of the world’s most popular musicals. Inspired by Miguel de Cervantes’ seventeenth-century masterwork Don Quixote and set during the Spanish Inquisition, the original 1965 production won five Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Cervantes is in prison awaiting trial during the Spanish Inquisition. He and his fellow prisoners perform a play-within-a-play, telling the story of the elderly Alonso Quijana, who renames himself “Don Quixote” and goes on a quest to right all wrongs in the world. The rousing, Spanish-inflected score includes the classic numbers “The Impossible Dream,” “I, Don Quixote,” “Dulcinea,” “I Really Like Him” and “Little Bird.”

Auditon Location/Date/Times

OpenCM Performing Arts Center The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre
931 Montauk Highway
Dec 087:30 PM - 9:30 PM
OpenCM Performing Arts Center The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre
931 Montauk Highway
Dec 097:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Don Quixote/Miguel De CervantesM40-59Must have tremendous depth as an actor and a heroic baritone voice; doubles as the writer Cervantes who is a poet, an unconventional thinker, and a restless spirit; as Quixote, he is the "foolish knight" who believes chivalry is alive.
Baritone, Vocal Range: B2-E4
Sancho Panza/ManservantM30-49Actor doubles as Cervantes' manservant and Quixote's sidekick Sancho; he is funny, has a light-hearted spirit, and has a deep and true kindness; his essence is that of caretaker; actor must have depth and subtlety; must also sing well, but can have comic voice.
Tenor, Vocal Range: C3-A4)
AldonzaF30-49must have tremendous acting and singing ability with a gutsy belt to a high A; Aldonza is a "savage, dark alley cat"; she is defensive, defiant, and a survivor; she is also wry; however, beneath her tough exterior is a woman with a noble heart who desperately wants to be loved.
Soprano, Vocal range: Ab3-Ab5
The Governor/The InnkeeperM40-69The Governor is the leader of the inmate society in the prison. He is a powerful man who oversees Cervantes? trial. As the Innkeeper he is skeptical of Don Quixote but kind ? A gentle giant.
Bass, Vocal Range: G2-C#4
The Duke/Dr. CarrascoM40-59The Duke is a man of "breeding; intelligence; logic"; he is analytical and scientific; he can also be arrogant because he?s usually the smartest person in the room; in this version;he will be a foil to Quixote must feel like a thoughtful leading man.
Baritone, Vocal Range: C3-Db4
PadreM30-49A kind but passive religious leader; he is well-intentioned, but not strong enough to stand fully behind his beliefs; he's a pleaser, but he has a soul and a heart; must have a lyrical tenor voice.
Tenor, Vocal Range: C3-G4
AntoniaF20-49Quixote's niece and Dr. Carrasco's fiance. A seemingly sweet and caring young woman, but she actually cares more about her needs than her uncle.
Soprano, Vocal Range: C4-F5
HousekeeperF50-69Quixote?s housekeeper. She is not thrilled to be working for a man whom she considers to be mad.
Mezzo, Vocal Range: F3-F5
The BarberM40-69He travels the countryside and peddles shaves. He is known by everyone. Comic character
Tenor, Vocal Range: D3-G4
MariaF40-69The exasperated wife of the Innkeeper. She sees and expects the worst of all who enter the inn especially Quixote.
chorus singing only
PedroM30-59Rough, ruthless, head muleteer
Baritone, Vocal Range: D3-D4
AnselmoM20-59Rough muleteer, sings "Little Bird"
Tenor, Vocal Range: A3-F#4
Jose;Tenorio;Paco And JuanM20-59Other muleteers of all shapes and sizes;athletic, must sing and dance well.
chorus singing only
Guitar PlayerM20-59One of the muleteers who plays the guitar.
chorus singing only
Fermina/Moorish GirlF20-29A servant girl. Dancer. Provocative jazz/rhythmic dance. Flamenco dancer. Doubles as Moorish dancer.
chorus singing only
Captain Of The InquisitionM30-69Captain Of The Inquisition
EnsembleMMen Of The Inquisition/Prison Guards