Audition Details

CompanyPlayhouse Performing Arts
NotesPlease know: Accepted cast members are subject to a non-refundable $5 Production Participation Fee; the Participation Fee must be submitted by the first rehearsal once the schedule has been finalized. Potential cast members' listed parent will be contacted prior to final casting decisions to verify participation consent and registration details. Cast members and their parents must agree to and sign a Production Participation Contract prior to the first rehearsal once the schedule has been finalized.
InstructionsZOOM AUDITION Open auditions are for kids ages 5-18. You’ll be given sides at the auditions to cold-read for various characters. Please register here:
Rehearsal DatesA rehearsal schedule and shows will be sent out after the cast has been finalized so we can tailor it to the cast as a whole and make it more convenient and specific to everyone involved. Must have decent availability throughout late June, all of July, and early August as a starting point. Rehearsals are usually 2-3 times per week. Tech week and all shows will be mandatory attendance once the schedule has been finalized.

Auditon Location/Date/Times

Jun 197:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Ella JoF13-14An outgoing, fun-loving middle schooler with big dreams and an even bigger heart. She loves to act and sing and dance and...well, you get it.
VanessaF13-14A bit snarky, but she’s also a fearlessly-serious artist. With a love for all things creative, she’s determined to make her mark and chase her dreams.
HarleyF13-14Can be a little unsure and apprehensive, even though she’s got a big voice and lots of ambitions. She is learning how to spread her wings without her friends, but it’s not easy.
LeonM13-14A slightly-arrogant guy who loves Shakespeare and aims for the lead in every audition.
HannahF15-17A major Wicked-nerd who’s super extroverted and friendly, always willing to take Camp Stage Right newbies under her wing.
FeonaF15-17A competitive, snobby diva that Ella Jo, Vanessa, and Harley know from school who’s driven to get her starring role.
CindieF15-17Extremely shy and trying to overcome her fears to open her mouth onstage and enjoy her time at camp.
MarisolF11-13A total Broadway nerd who can’t wait to explore Camp Stage Right.
SierraF11-13Has been acting for her whole life, but is trying to figure out how to transition into directing as a middle-schooler.
BrandonM10-12One of the youngest campers, just a bit shy, and more talented than he knows.
RachelF16-18One of the camp counselors; she’s bubbly, friendly, and cares a lot about her campers.
DebF16-18One of the camp counselors; she’s sarcastic, cool, and wants to keep her campers safe.
Stage Direction NarratorM/F0+Will read the stage directions in a more casual narration style.
RubyF11-13Might be the big star in her hometown but she’s afraid to go for gold at this competitive camp.