Audition Details

CompanySid Jacobson Community Players
DirectorRick Buckley
Musical DirectorSteve Belfer
ChoreographerRenee Cohn
ProducerPhil Essex
NotesWe have put together an outstanding creative team, including Rick Buckley as our Director, Steve Belfer as our Musical Director, Renee Cohn handling choreography, Cheri Maniello for our costuming, and Denise Hagen as our Stage Manager.
InstructionsPrepare 16 bars of a song that bests displays your voice
Rehearsal DatesBeginning in September (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, most at the JCC. Not everyone will need to be at every rehearsal)
Performance DatesSaturday Nov 11th and Sunday Nov 12th
QuestionsAny questions, call Phil Essex at 516-277-2998
Show InfoIt’s 1906 and America’s zealous young president, Theodore Roosevelt, has a plan to control the seas and expand a burgeoning American empire: the Panama Canal, “the greatest feat of engineering since the pyramids.” But the canal is in jeopardy; rumors are swirling about corruption and disease, and congress is threatening to withdraw its support. So Roosevelt sets out for Panama on a navy battleship to change the narrative.

Auditon Location/Date/Times

OpenSid Jacobson JCC
300 Forest Drive
East Hills
Jun 206:00 PM
Call BackSid Jacobson JCC
300 Forest Drive
East Hills
Jun 226:00 PM


FiskeM30Muckraking reporter, Harrison's nemesis
HarrisonM30Bigoted canal engineer, Fiske's nemesis
WesleyM20Canal laborer from Barbado, Mathilda's lover
MulcaheyM30-40Steam shovel operator
VandergrootM30-40Dirt train engineer
ColonelM50Chief Engineer of the Panama Canal
MathildaF20Harrison's laundress from Barbado, Wesley's lover
BartenderMWest Indian bartender
Chinese MerchantMChinese grocery store owner
Policemen 1, 2MAmerican Canal Zone policemen
BigelowMFiske's photographer
MarganaM30Latina revolutionary, leader of Spanish anarchists
FranklinM20Laborer from Barbado, Wesley's friend
Telegraph OperatorsFFemale telegraph operators
Mrs. RooseveltF48Edith Roosevelt, wife of the President
Secret Service MenMSecurity detail for the President and his wife
President AmadorM60Panamanian President
AnarchistsMSpanish canal laborers and Anarchists
PresidentM48Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States
Dr. GorgasM50William Gorga, Chief Sanitary Engineer
Native WomanMNative (Cuna or Embera) of Panama, guide in the forest