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Jan 21 2023New Five Star Millennium Entertainment Inc.The Silk Road
>    Open Call for Female Role
>    Cynthia Moore (age 39) is divorced and with one daughter (age16) realizes how important her job is and is hoping for a promotion to Sergeant within the next year. Forever cautious not to over-step her position working in the nearby office of the Police Commissioner with Captain Bennet, Cynthia can be seen after working hours at a bar having a few beers with her co-workers. A dedicated detective who enjoys being a cop, Cynthia is tough minded and fits well in with the demands of Lieutenant Bennet.
Jan 15 2023The Viking Theater CompanyMan of Mystery by Orson Welles
>    Gregory Arkadian, older male who can handle Russian or East European accent. Baroness Nagel, female (30's) very smooth who can handle British or Polish accent.