Spotlight On: Malverne Theatre

  Malverne Community Theatre

Phone: 516-619-6721

David Coonan
: President, Artistic Director
(teacher by day)
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Group Facts:
  • The group started in 1967 but closed in 1970
  • Coonan revived the Company in 2011
  • Roughly 40 actors make up the Company
  • They produce 3-5 productions per year
  • Performances in Malverne/Lynbrook but site always changes : indoors / outdoors, farm, catering hall, museum, church
  • Productions include: Original works, One Acts, Adaptations, Children’s plays, Shakespeare & Avant-Garde

Core Creative Team :

Cathy Temps – Technical Director
Michelle Cavill – Art Director
Bruce Liby – Publicity
Joe DiGirolamo – Graphic Design, Marketing

David’s Favorite Production : First Halloween show – a collection of Edgar Allan Poe works that were connected through themes, and staged, not read, in a tent on a farm.  “ It was creepy and nerdy. “

David’s Favorite Performance : Portraying Ben, in Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter

Memorable Incidents :

Had an actor in a recent production play all 7 of Snow White’s dwarfs at the same time.

Prepared a children’s show and after party to accommodate 35 – 40 kids and 150 showed up.

Still to Come :  The group has plans to start a reading series, of plays, both new and old.