Long Island Community Theatre Awards

Thank you to Star Playhouse and to everyone who assisted in making the 2019 Long Island Community Theatre Awards a success!

We are considering venues for the June 2021 Award Show. Please let us know if your theatre would like to be considered.

Email Lisa Bertrand at lisa@volunteertheatre.org

Planning Committee Members are also needed!

List of recipients and nominees

Presented by Volunteer Theatre Actor’s Association 

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Date of the 2019 Awards Show
Monday, June 10, 2019

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Planning Committee: 2019 Long Island Community Theatre Awards

Alexandra Thomas
Paul Lichtman
Frank Sanchez
Crystal Leotaud
Andrew Upbin
Joseph Slater
Lisa Bertrand Brathwaite
Frank Brathwaite
Robert DePersio
David Coonan
Kate Lenzo
Dolores De Poto Sarli
Sheryl Weiner
Michelle Clemente
Larry Katz
Kevin Harrington

Information on the awards show and process:

  • The purpose of these awards is to unite the Long Island Theatre Community through recognizing achievements in theatre and spending time with our peers.
  • The Awards will recognize many different types of productions and contributions such as small group musical productions, plays, stage managers, etc.
  • Long Island theatres submit nominations, and the judges have the authority to grant an award to any deserving member of a production, even if not previously nominated by the theatre.