Virtual Auditions/Video Submissions



In recognition of PRIDE MONTH, the Islip Arts Council in association with Studio Theatre of Long Island, will be presenting “I AM WHAT I AM” – A Celebration of Drag Performers from within the Long Island and NY Community.

The performance will take place on the evening of Friday, June 2nd, at Studio Theatre’s Bayway Arts Center in East Islip, NY.

Video submissions are being sought from artists willing to perform on a voluntary basis. Interested parties should submit a 2-3 minute video or reel of a musical selection in costume and make up with musical track accompaniment.

Submit video to: by May 5, 2023 for consideration. Those performers being considered will be contacted shortly after.

Cabaret (1998)

STAR Playhouse at Stage 74
Commack 11725

We are still accepting video submissions as well as audition by appointment only on 3/12/23. We are especially seeking dancers of all genders.

If submitting a video, please prepare 24-32 measures of a song in the style of the show, and send it along with a resume and headshot to

In person audition appointments are also being scheduled (space is limited) on Sunday 3/12/23. Please email to schedule. Callbacks will immediately follow.

No conflicts will be accepted for tech week Saturday 5/6-Thursday 5/11

Rehearsals: Mondays through Thursdays as called starting o/a 3/27.

Performances: Saturdays 5/13 and 5/20 at 8pm; Sundays 5/14 and 5/21 at 2pm

Capriccio Radio (virtual production)

Performances:  28 – 30 April 2023

Please submit a resume, headshot, schedule information, and a link to your recording of your audition from one of the above sides through our Google Form: Please note that you will need a (free) gmail account to submit your information through this form.

Audition sides and a copy of the script are available at

For your self tape, we ask that you record yourself from the waist up, and light yourself well enough so that we can see you. Please pick some point just behind the camera to use as the focus for your audition. The director and playwright would like to emphasize that they are not evaluating the production values in your self tape audition, we just need to be able to see and hear you. Due to the size of video files, we ask that you upload it to a video hosting service and share a link to it with us.

Review of auditions will begin on 1 March 2023. Callbacks will be offered as necessary. These will be held over zoom, or some other video conferencing medium, and the director will be in touch via email to schedule these as needed.

Please direct any questions to Tony Tambasco at

Capriccio Radio will utilize a hybrid rehearsal schedule. Our initial table read and most working rehearsals will take place over zoom (or some other vodeo conferencing software). There will be several rehearsals for blocking and rehearsing the staging that will take place in a studio space in NYC, location TBD. These rehearsals will be subject to the availability of the actors and director, so please be sure to fill out your schedule info as accurately as possible.

From 24 – 27 April, rehearsals will take place in the evenings at BACCA in Lindenhurst, NY (this is located within walking distance of the Lindenhurst LIRR station). These rehearsal times are already fixed, and all cast members are expected to attend. Cast members commuting to Lindenhurst will be reimbursed round trip LIRR train fair from NYC to Lindenhurst for all rehearsals and performances in Lindenhurst.

Roberta Siegel: female, about 55, any race or ethnicity. The founder of the Capriccio Radio station, and a former opera and Lieder singer. She has been successful in her career as the manager of a radio station due to passion, luck, and patronage, and now that her radio station faces a real crisis, and her leadership tested, she begins to feel her own inadequacies as a leader.

Claude Feierstein: male, about 60, any race or ethnicity. An announcer at Capriccio Radio specializing in 19th century orchestral music. Views the traditional classical repertoire as something bordering on sacred. His fear of and intolerance for change extends to modern music, which puts him at odds with Sylvan’s aesthetics. Claude fears his irrelevance, and that makes him distrustful and contemptuous of anything that might replace him.

Sylvan Philips: male, about 50, any race or ethnicity. An announcer specializing in modern music and theory. Sylvan is highly intelligent, and although he never felt at home in academia, Sylvan would fit in at any conference of musicologists, if only he had the confidence to attend. He is close friends with Ed, and is a skilled piano player. Sylvan was once a composer, but there came a time when the notes wouldn’t come, and he lives in the shadow of the beauty he might have made.

Lydia Moroll: female, about 70, any race or ethnicity. An announcer at Capriccio Radio specializing in opera and early music. Lydia’s confidence in her convictions makes her eager for a fight, if only to show she is still capable of fighting, and has left her with a tendency to speak and act without thinking things through.

Ed Ramsey: male, about 30, any race or ethnicity, Capriccio Radio’s sales manager, and an announcer specializing in piano and chamber music. Ed is soft spoken and reserved, but with a strong sense of pragmatism and a temperament to do what needs to be done. Unique among the other employees of the station, Ed values his audiences’ opinions more than his own, although his impulse to go along can lead him to compromise his convictions. Ed plays the violin, and while this can be mimed on stage, some experience with the violin will be helpful.

James Godfrey: male, mid-late 20s, any race or ethnicity, newly appointed Director of Radio Services in his father’s company, the conglomerate that owns Capriccio Radio. James is intelligent, ambitious, and driven, and an MBA grad, but feels like he hasn’t earned his place in the company, and is under intense pressure to prove to his coworkers, his father, and himself that he has earned his seat at the table. James has no taste for classical music, preferring the aesthetics of country and the revenue of talk radio, and is resentful of his father’s attempts to make him value the classical canon.

Noah Brock: male, 17ish, any race or ethnicity, a high school student who dreams of being a composer, and a fan of Sylvan’s. Noah is a social outcast from his peers, and is in desperate need of approval from the adults he respects, and he resents them (and himself) for that weakness.