Virtual Auditons

Seeking a young actress, but could be comically played by an older actress, who may be interested in doing a script in hand Zoom reading of this short piece for our Fall 2020 play festival: 

Glasses by Barry M. Putt Jr.

More information can be found at the link below: 

Director Kevin Snyder is seeking actors for a Zoom reading of Finders Keepers, by George Kelly

Seeking 2 men and 1 woman for a Zoom reading to be held in  November and posted to the Woodside Players Festival site. If interested, send your resume to, and your info will be passed on to him, thanks! 

You can read the script here:  Finders Keepers

Humbug: A Christmas Carol
Stars in the House Co.

REHEARSAL DATES: Monday, October 19th, 8pm-10pm ~ Tuesday, October 20th, 7pm-9pm ~ Thursday, October 22nd, 7pm-9pm ~ Tuesday, October 27th, 7pm-9pm ~ Thursday, October 29th, 7pm-9pm ~ Monday, November 2nd, 7pm-9pm ~ Friday, November 6th, 7pm-9pm ~ Tuesday, November 10th, 7pm-9pm ~ Monday-Thursday, November 16th-19th, 7pm-10pm (tech week)

AUDITION INSTRUCTIONS: Since we’re a virtual theater company at the moment, we won’t be conducting entirely traditional auditions; we will have virtual callback for select roles. Please fill out our audition form in order for us to find the perfect place for you in our cast. If we feel we need to see some of you together or actually hear you do a cold-read, we’ll set up a video call for that as well. Thank you for your interest and we hope to work with you soon! Follow us on Instagram @starsinthehouseco to stay updated.

To be considered for this show, you must be able to do a British accent. Please attend our free British accent workshop on October 13th if you need to learn prior to auditioning.

You can “audition” at this link and/or sign up for the pre-audition masterclass:

CONTACT: Executive Director, Cali A. at

SUBMISSIONS: Please fill out the audition form. You are not required to attend all rehearsals or may not need to, depending on what scenes you’re in; mandatory rehearsals are the read-thru and tech week. We may add extra rehearsals if/as needed. Some times and dates are subject to change. Please list any conflicts in the signup form or email us with any conflicts.

Friday, November 20th, 8pm
Saturday, November 21st, 8pm
Sunday, November 22nd, 11am and 8pm

Eliza/Ebenezer Scrooge (age 14-18) is a grouchy, cold, and impatient spinster/lifelong bachelor whose whole life is decidedly consumed with being cheap and hoarding wealth. She/he has heartbreak in her/his past that has caused this blackened view of the world and hatred of Christmas.

Jessica/Jacob Marley (age 12-18) was always a jolly family lady/man and constantly tried to help Scrooge come out of her dark shell. Though she/he spends most of the show as a ghost, her/his impact on the story helps Scrooge realize the goodness that was always inside her/him.

Sarah Marley (ages 12-18) is Jessica/Jacob’s older sister and always thought her/him wrong for wasting time on an unchangeable woman/man like Scrooge. She is saddened by her sister/brother’s death and disappointed by Scrooge’s constant angry ways.

Bess/Bob Cratchit (ages 12-16) is just trying to make ends meet for her little family, including one very infamous crippled son. She/he tries her/his best to see the good in Scrooge, but it isn’t always easy.

Molly Cratchit (ages 5-9) is Tiny Tim’s older sister, the little one who sweeps up Scrooge’s office for extra pennies. She wishes to help her mother/father support their family and tries not to fear the loud-voiced Scrooge.

Emily/Eric Cratchit (ages 12-18) is Bess/Bob’s husband/wife. She/he is devoted and caring, but disapproves of Cratchit’s affiliation with the town debt collector.

Tiny Tim is Bess/Bob’s (ages 5-9) sweet son, who suffers from a number of illnesses and often labeled a cripple. He is unwavering faithful and sees the good in all.

Holly/Hal the Postlady/man (ages 10-15) is just trying to do her job and always enjoys delivering Christmas cards and packages. She is sarcastic and doesn’t mind driving Scrooge crazy with minor insults.

Gene/Genevieve the Charity Collector (ages 10-15) is a kind and giving person with undying devotion to the less fortunate. He/she resents the fact that the richest woman/man in town refuses to drop a penny into her collection jar.

Young Eliza/Ebenezer (ages 5-9) is part of a flashback shown to Scrooge by the Ghost of Christmas Past. She/he is carefree and happy, the complete opposite of who she has become in her later years.

Teenage Eliza/Ebenezer (ages 12-15) is part of the second flashback shown to Scrooge by the Ghost of Christmas Past. She/he was so happy with her affluent beau until she/he was rejected on Christmas Eve. We see part of her transformation in this time.

Old Eliza/Ebenezer (ages 14-18) is the result of Scrooge’s actions if she/he continues down this dark path. She/he is part of a flashback shown to Scrooge by the Ghost of Christmas Future.

The Ghost of Christmas Past (ages 12-16) is cryptic but humorous in her attempt to show Scrooge what she/he used to be in her best days.

The Ghost of Christmas Present (ages 10-15) is grand and dramatic and perfectly happy to show Scrooge something she/he didn’t know she/he had.

The Ghost of Christmas Future (ages 10-18) is morbid and forewarning toward a debt collector who is forced to stare her future in the face for the first time.

Carol Singers (ages 5-18) are an incessant annoyance to Scrooge, always visiting her/his door with one song or another. Variety of ages.

Young Children (ages 5-9) appear briefly in the “past flashback” scene.

Stage Direction Narrator (ages 10-18) will read the stage directions as well as be the actual “narrator” of the story.