Virtual Productions

 Getting To Know You

Township Theatre Group presents a light-hearted look at discoveries about family and friends that shake up the status quo. Just when you think you know someone — life throws you a curve ball.

This virtual performance features four original shows written by local playwrights:
Scene Partners – written by Bonnie Corso
Let Them Eat… – written by Laurie Atlas
Just Desserts – written by Linda Delmonico Prussen
Double Exposure– written by Michael Casano

This is a non ticketed event but donation to TTG is greatly appreciated.

Program begins airing on June 7, 2021 at

Carol Carota, Tim Rogers, Ken Young, Stacey Portmore-Davies, Liz DeFazio Rodriguez, James Bradley, Bobbie Ruth, Stan Katz, Mark & Karen Santaromita, Charlie Paredes

Fred Sprauer, Laurie Atlas, Susan Emro and Stacey Portmore-Davies.

Hippies, Housewives & Watering Holes

(a 9 minute fantasy) takes place during the ‘mad cow’ meat problem and a ‘fictional’ pandemic that is spreading around the world!

People are ‘Social Distancing’, ‘Staying Home’ and ‘Wearing Masks!’ Please enjoy a visit to our website and watch our ‘pre-pandemic’ show: OY! A Murder!


Scroll down to see our latest ‘virtual pandemic production’: Hippies, Housewives & Watering Holes.

Annual Meeting of The Golfers Association of America

A humorous look at a meeting of a fictitious organization of Golfers trying to raise money for charity.

September 28th  – October 6th
Every Tuesday starting at 2PM-2:30pm (Channel 20).  Free viewing for Cablevision/AlticeUSA subscribers

Mike McKasty, Elizabeth DeFazio, Debbie Gross, Guy Caraturo, Pat Reilly as Chairman

Equity Library Theater Zoom Festival

“No Rest for a Soul,” A fifteen-minute play by Long Island playwright, Cindi Sansone-Braff, starring Long Island actors, Debi Toni and Peter Muir. An aging, one-hit wonder rock star has recently taken his own life. Now, as a Soul-in-Spirit, he is getting prepped to meet his maker, with the help of a Spirit Guide, known only as Second Keeper of the Records. Click on the following link to watch the play.

Scroll down the page and click on: “No Rest for a Soul.” You can watch if for free. You can watch all the plays in the festival as well. If you liked this play, please send a text to 631-898-4205 saying your favorite play was, “No Rest for a Soul,” by Cindi Sansone-Braff.


Emily Vaeth, Gonzalo Vargas, Lucy McMichael and Chaz McCormack star in this play, by Claude Solnik, set in New York City during the pandemic. SEE IT HERE

The Muse Anthology

Starting January 9th, EastLine Theatre will be presenting our first ever devised project, the Muse Anthology. The collective, made up of Paul DeFilippo, Aly Kantor, Rosemary Kurtz, Lisa Giunta-Popeil, Kyle Mahoney, Morgan Moffitt, Lisa Rudin, and Barbara Walsh, are using the ancient Greek Muses as a jumping off point to create their own original work. They will be released on a weekly basis and take many forms: short films, musical performances, and one live event.

To access the Anthology, CLICK HERE.


Through Soundscape Theater, “a new audio theater experience” a new theater that got creative and re-imagined things now that we are in a pandemic, comes Trilogy by Gloria Schramm, directed by Melanie Maria Goodreaux. EXPERERIENCE IT HERE.

Theatre Three Off-Stage/On-Line – an exciting series of short works, each no longer than fifteen minutes.

The plays may be viewed on the Theatre Three’s YouTube channel.

The series is directed by Theatre Three’s Artistic Director Jeffrey Sanzel. Technical production is by Tim Haggerty and Eric J. Hughes. The entire series is made possible by the generous sponsorships of Alan Schelp and Andrew Markowitz. New premieres every Sunday and Wednesday night at 7:00 pm on YouTube, Facebook, and, of course, Theatre Three’s website: